Copper Tube Increase 7/26

Copper tube mills have announced an approximate 5% increase going into effect immediately. We will hold current pricing levels through the close of business today and move to a new list price sheet tomorrow morning. Please call or email your United Pipe representative to place orders before then. Visit our website to download list price sheets, where you can enter your multiplier to see NET pricing.

As previously announced, a new PVC Plumbing Pipe and a new PVC Conduit price sheets will be in effect on 7/31 as well.

Rely on us for inventory and weekly delivery

Wholesalers, with us you can buy a broad array of pipe products from one supplier, which you can mix-and-match with other products to make our low weight minimums for FFA. Call your representative now to schedule your next weekly LTL delivery of mixed-and-matched pipe products.

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