SDR Plastic Pipe

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As a Master Distributor, United Pipe & Steel buys from such a broad range of suppliers that not even a mill can offer the same mix of SDR plastic pipe and other materials of pipe product.

Regardless of whether you sell SDR pipe for irrigation applications or for sewer and drain applications, we keep high inventory levels of all our products so you don’t have to. Mix and match SDR pipe products with copper and steel to make weight minimums for delivery to your store or jobsite anywhere in the United States. Our extensive product offering, combined with our strong inventory commitments, yields industry-leading fill rates.

  • SDR 35 ASTM 3034
    • Gravity Sewer
    • Meets ASTM D3034 and F679
    • Solvent Weld available in 4″ and 6″ diameters only
      • 10′ and 20′ lengths
    • Gasket Joint available in 4″ – 18″
      • 14′ lengths only
    • The pipe can be directed to most existing sewer equipment
    • Pipe features an improved design for reserve strength and  stiffness  to  increase  load-bearing  capacity,  maximizing sewer system capacity at a reasonable cost
  • SDR 21
    • SDR 21 series pipes are suitable for use in pressurized irrigation applications
    • Class 200 (200 PSI)
    • Meets ASTM D2241
    • Solvent Weld and Gasket Joint available in ½” to 12″ diameters
      • 20′ lengths only
    • Designed to provide a rigid (or restrained) joint connection, and the schedule-rated products are specifically engineered for use in partial support systems above ground
  • SDR 26
    • SDR 26 currently unavailable

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Sharpen Your Competitive Edge With United Pipe & Steel

  • Become more competitive and manage your risk on volatile commodity products while turning inventory more quickly.
  • Break bundles and take advantage of low weight minimums while mixing and matching products, including copper tube, PVC pipes, threaded rod, strut and all other products we carry.
  • Buy what you need, when you need it.
  • Take advantage of routine ‘milk run’ delivery routes for service once or twice per week.

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