Now in Effect: New Copper Tube List Price Sheet

COMEX copper futures broke through $5/lb. to a new record high on May 14, 2024, now at around $4.43/lb. on 6/18. Prices have stabilized as the global copper supply has increased after weak economic forecasts from China specifically. Demand still looks to outpace supply in the long term, driven by rising demand for renewable energy […]

Copper Over $4.00/lb With a Multiplier Increase

With copper up $0.12 today, trading over the $4.00/lb mark for the first time since last April, copper tube mills have announced a multiplier increase of 2.5% following yesterday’s new list price sheet. We have moved to these new pricing levels, effective immediately. Visit our website for the latest list price sheet dated 3/12, and […]

New Copper Tube List Price Sheet

On Friday, copper closed up $0.25/LB at $3.71/LB. Because of this, copper tube mills implemented an increase on their latest list price sheet, dated 11/4/22. This sheet is now in effect. Download our list price sheets in Excel format to enter your multiplier for updated pricing. For more information or to get your multiplier, please […]

Copper Up Over $4.72/lb, New List Price Sheet

Click here for the new list price sheet. Copper continues to climb, up $.20/lb this week alone, and hit a new record level this morning rising to $4.72/lb. Copper is on pace for a gain of about 34% in 2021, with a 12-month rise of 98%. As a result, the copper tube mills have announced […]

Copper Increase and New List Price Sheet, 2/24

Copper closed at $4.18/lb yesterday, and is currently up almost another $.13 to just around $4.31/lb, continuing this upward trend. These are historical levels not seen since 2011. Because of these escalating costs on raw materials, copper tube mills have announced an increase of approximately 5.5% with a new list price sheet, dated 2/24. The […]

New Copper Tube List Price Sheet, 2/15/21

As the COMEX continues to rise, trading above $3.82/lb today, the Copper tube mills have announced a new list price sheet dated 2/15 taking immediate effect. Supply chain interruptions due to Covid-19 combined with high global demand continue to keep the overall copper supply tight. How We Can Help: Merfish United’s business model – which […]

January Market Update, Import Steel Increase 1/18

What’s happening: All three major pipe products categories all volatile to start 2021. PVC, copper and steel pipe have seen increases. This is due to increasing costs in raw materials and freight. The global market for raw materials including steel, PVC resin and copper has been more volatile than every before all at once. We […]

Copper Increase Effective Now, New List Price Sheet

Copper continues to climb closing over $3.60/lb yesterday. As a result the Copper Tube mills announced a new list price sheet with an increase of approximately 2.5% – 3.5% and a new list price sheet taking immediate effect. Please call your Merfish United representative to place orders now. Please call your Merfish United representative to […]

Copper Trading Up, Increase Effective Now

Update 11/23/20: Copper closed up at $3.29 on Friday, and Copper Tube mills announced a new list price sheet dated 11/23/20. You can download this sheet here. Copper is up almost $.10 this morning close to $3.29/LBS, which is the highest price in over year and close to the highest level in five years. If […]

Effective Now: Copper Tube Multiplier Increase

Due to continued raw material and finished product shortages coupled with dynamic market conditions, Copper Tube multipliers are moving up effective immediately. Please call your Merfish United representative for more information or to place orders: 1-800-777-7473 Click here to follow market updates. How Merfish United Can Help We help wholesalers manage their risk on volatile […]