Increases This Week: Domestic Steel, PVC Pipe, Copper Tube

Domestic Steel mills, PVC Pipe mills, and Copper Tube mills have all announced price increases. Find out when they will take effect below. In volatile times like these, continue to rely on our nationwide inventory to make smaller purchases more frequently. Mix and match all pipe products to make our low minimum weight for FFA on your next weekly delivery. Please call your United Pipe representative for your multiplier or to place orders now.

Domestic Steel Pipe Increase This Week

Due to escalating input costs, domestic steel pipe mills are increasing prices by a minimum of 5% ($100/ton for CW and ERW pipe), and 10% on Sprinkler Pipe. We are currently holding prices but will be advising you of new levels in later this week. Please call us to place your Domestic Steel Pipe orders before the increase.

PVC Pipe Increase Wednesday, 4/10

PVC pipe mills have announced that due to increases in the cost of raw materials like PVC resin, coinciding with the surge in demand during the spring season, they will be raising prices. We will hold current price levels through tomorrow, 4/9, and release a new list price sheet for PVC Pipe products dated 4/10 on Wednesday.

Copper Tube Increase Now in Effect

Copper is up another $.03/lb. today to $4.27/lb. after extending its month-long run of closing at $4/lb. or more. Copper Tube Mills implemented a new, higher list price sheet on 4/4. Supply risks amidst high demand forecasts are driving prices higher. Please call your United Pipe representative for more information or to place Copper Tube orders.

Rely on Us for Inventory and Weekly Delivery

In volatile times like these, rely on our nationwide stock of commodity pipe products. Break bundles and combine copper tube, steel pipe, and PVC pipe in your order to make our low minimum weight for FFA and weekly delivery. Become more competitive and manage your risk on volatile commodity products while turning inventory more quickly.

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