Increases: Import Seamless Steel Price, CPVC Pipe, Threaded Rod

As the conflict in Ukraine and Russia continues, supply chain disruptions from these areas continue to impact the global supply of raw materials, like pig iron which is a key raw material input in the manufacturing of hot roll coil (HRC) which is used as the basis for import seamless steel pipe. As a result, HRC continues to sustain price increases as demand soars and supply tightens. Along with rising fuel prices for both trans ocean shipping and domestic freight, these escalating costs have resulted in a 15% increase on import seamless steel pipe, effective immediately. Domestic Seamless pipe lead times continue to extend as well, with material only becoming available in late Q3 or early Q4. Please call your Merfish United representative for more information or to place orders now.

CPVC SCH80 and FloGuard Gold Increase

CPVC mills have announced a price increase of 8% which will be going into effect on Monday, 4/4. We will be holding current CPVC pipe price levels through Friday, 4/1.

Threaded Rod Increase

Due to continued steel and freight cost increases, threaded rod manufacturers have announced a 10% price increase. We will be holding current threaded rod price levels through Friday, 4/1 and moving to a new list price sheet on Monday, 4/4.

How We Can Help

Merfish United’s business model – which enables wholesalers to buy a broad array of pipe products from one supplier, at low minimums for FFA – is designed for low and unpredictable volume scenarios, exactly like the one we are in right now. Call your representative now to schedule your next weekly delivery of mixed-and-matched pipe products.

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