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Monday 12/4 Increases: Copper, Welded Steel Pipe, and Metal Conduit

As previously announced, price increases for both Domestic and Globally Sourced Welded Steel Pipe will be going into effect on Monday, 12/4. We will hold prices at current levels through the close of business today, 12/1. Find out more about these increases and upcoming copper tube and metal conduit increases below. DOMESTIC WELDED STEEL PIPE […]

New Import Steel List Price Sheet

As previously announced, due to the continued rise of hot rolled coil over the past three months and the escalation of additional input costs, we will be implementing an import welded steel pipe increase of a minimum of $100/ton on 3/1/23. List prices and multipliers differ depending on geography due to various factors, including freight, […]

Increases: Import Seamless Steel Price, CPVC Pipe, Threaded Rod

As the conflict in Ukraine and Russia continues, supply chain disruptions from these areas continue to impact the global supply of raw materials, like pig iron which is a key raw material input in the manufacturing of hot roll coil (HRC) which is used as the basis for import seamless steel pipe. As a result, […]

Increases 3/22: Globally Sourced Welded Steel Pipe & Strut

The impact on the global supply chain of imported steel pipe continues due to the rising cost of both scrap metal and hot roll coil (HRC), increasing vessel costs and the lack of shipping container availability. These cost pressures, coupled with unusually long delays at ports around the country related to the unloading, sorting and […]

Globally Sourced Steel Pipe Increase, 2/22

What’s Happening: We are implementing a 9% increase on globally sourced steel pipe on 2/22 See the new list price sheet Backups at ports, delays in unloading ships, lack of freight have impacted inbound shipments Lack of raw materials, high global demand, and lack of shipping containers are tightening supply Following a price increase on […]

The Global Shipping Backup on Video

A video from the U.S. Coast Guard shows the massive backup of container ships waiting to be unloaded at the Port of Los Angeles. As we’ve previously mentioned, Covid-19 disruptions continue to affect the availability of dock workers needed to unload ships and containers. With a backup in Western receiving, containers themselves aren’t able to […]

Container Freight Rates Continue to Surge

As previously mentioned, demand for ocean shipping has maxed out carrier capacity, and carriers are turning bookings away for shipments out of Asia, a major source of Globally Sourced Steel Pipe. Containers are piling up at ports, with 40′ storage containers becoming unavailable. 20′ containers are available, but in short supply and double the normal […]

Import Steel Pipe Bundles

Import Steel Pipe Increase Coming 4/29/19

Due to the rising cost of Import Steel pipe, Merfish United and Merfish Pipe & Supply will increase prices by a minimum of $50/ton or 5% on Import welded steel pipe taking effect in stages over the next 30 days per the below schedule: Minimum of a $25/ton or 2.5% Increase taking effect on Friday, […]

Effective 1/21/19: New Import Steel Pipe List Price Sheet

A new list price sheet for Import Steel pipe (a 3-4% increase) will be in effect Monday, January 21st for customers outside of CA, NV, AZ and UT markets only. You can now review this new list price sheet here on our website. To place orders at current price levels, or to get more info, […]

Steel Pipe Inside A United Pipe & Steel Warehouse

Steel Tariffs Doubled On Turkish Pipe

President Donald Trump recently announced a doubling of previously placed Steel tariffs on the country of Turkey, as reported here from CNBC. The White House said in a statement, “As he stated, the President has authorized the preparation of documents to raise tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum from Turkey. Section 232 tariffs are […]