New Copper Tube Multiplier Increase Now in Effect

The COMEX continues its record-breaking climb today, rising $0.16/lb. to $5.04/lb. Copper Tube Mills announced a 2.5% multiplier increase effective immediately, following a new list price sheet released on 5/14. Please call your United Pipe representative to place orders now.

Copper prices have risen this year, up $1.27/lb. (34%) in the past six months amid a supply squeeze. Not enough copper is being produced, and there are many active buyers in the market. Demand is expected to continue to surpass supply, driving prices higher.

Rely on Us for Inventory and Weekly Delivery

In volatile times like these, rely on our nationwide stock of commodity pipe products. Break bundles and combine copper tube, steel pipe, and PVC pipe in your order to make our low minimum weight for FFA and weekly delivery. Become more competitive and manage your risk on volatile commodity products while turning inventory more quickly.

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